MILES 75.4 - 84.4

Section Distance

AC100 2016 Ruperto Romero. Photo Dahiya

AC100 2016 Ruperto Romero. Photo: Dahiya


Runners stay straight at the junction found 1.3 miles up the climb, and eventually reach the infamous “Dead Man’s Bench,” 2.1 miles up the climb at the junction with the Mt. Wilson Trail. From the bench, runners formerly used a 20% grade fire break ridge scramble on Manzanita Ridge, but now use the Hal Winton Bypass trail, an uphill stretch of single track to the right of the ridge. Topping out at just under 5,000’, runners turn left on the Mt. Wilson Toll Road and follow it downhill, winding between spectacular views of the Los Angeles Basin and the antennae-clad Mt. Wilson.

It’s 3.8 miles of gentle downhill grade to the Idlehour Aid Station, located on the turn of a wide switchback that marks the entrance to Idlehour Canyon, mile 84.4, elevation 3,160’. Note that all aid stations after Chantry are located behind locked gates and are inaccessible to crew or any unofficial vehicles. Be prepared when you leave mile 75, as a drop at any future aid station means a wait until the race cutoff times for a ride. The only sure way out is the Finish Line!

When we got to Idlehour, the aid station I've worked the past two years, I had to swallow my emotion. I'd pictured that moment and it was sweeter than I imagined. A friend of my pal, Kayla, was working the station and hooked me up with a Red Bull. That and the pumping music got me set right for the homestretch.

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