MILES 96.5 - 101.2

Section Distance

2022 AC100 Michael Easterburn Finished 2nd Overall. Photo: Ivan Buzik


Heading across the stream and up the dirt Millard Canyon road, runners climb 300’ and 0.7 miles to an overlook of the Arroyo. 0.2 Miles later, Brown Mountain Road joins to the right at a large dirt berm. Runners take this hard right and dive into the Arroyo, where crisscrossing a creek will become the norm for the final 2 miles. Another 0.3 miles into the canyon there is a momentary opening and the El Prieto single track dives off to the left. Take this trail through the remainder of the Arroyo, always choosing the trail that leads back to the stream and not upwards out of the canyon at junctions.

Finally 2.9 miles PAS, runners leave a single track behind for good and join the dirt Fern Truck Trail for a moment before it spills out onto the paved Arroyo Secco Road. This leads runners over a bridge and South out of the canyon past JPL. 3.7 PAS, runners reach a short connector trail that leads 100’ up to Altadena Drive. This is the trail home! Reaching the paved streets of Altadena, runners head East for a half mile and then turn left on Lincoln Ave. Continuing on Lincoln for two blocks, runners make the right-hand turn on Palm Street at the community garden and can now hear the Finish Line. Approaching the park, runners make the final left-hand turn into the grass and onto glory.

AC-100 Finish Line Volunteers. Finish Line Leader Bill Kee. Photo: Bill Kee

AC-100 Finish Line Volunteers. Photo: Bill Kee

2017 AC100 Mac McIntosh. Photo New Global Adventures

2017 AC100 Mac McIntosh. Photo: New Global Adventures

As we approached the turn towards the Loma Alta Park finish line, Nicole, my rockstar crew captain and friend was waiting. She started running in with me and it was about all I could do to stop the tears. I started hyperventilating from emotion. When we hit the grass, I unbuckled my race vest and dropped it so I could run unencumbered with my crew to the finish line. When people ask, "how was it?" I don't know what to say. I'm not sure what to talk about. The blisters? The highs? The lows (of which there were a surprising few)? The fact I bagged up probably 50 sachets of Tailwind drink mix and used maybe 10? There was so much thinking and planning and then the doing. And now I'm left with satisfaction and a complete feeling. And a curious space for whatever is next. Thank you to everyone who offered encouragement and support and interest and advice and love. I appreciate all of it, always. Love you.

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