Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run


The San Gabriel back country retains much of the natural beauty, if not the primitive wilderness of yesteryear... Thanks largely to the foresight and capable supervision of the U.S. Forest Service and hundreds of volunteers. Picnic areas and campgrounds have been constructed with minimum displacement of the natural setting.

Those desiring to see this primitive wilderness in a single day are invited to participate in the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run.

The 2021 race date has been canceled due the Bobcat fire and coronavirus (COVID-19). The 2022 race date is on August 6, 2022 at 5:00:00 AM/PST.


Bypass the 2023 AC100 Lottery. 

We need "medical volunteers" for the Finish Line in Wrightwood on Sunday from 12:30AM (first runner) to 6PM (race is over at 5:00PM).  We could use three shifts of: 12:30AM-6:00AM, 6:00AM-12 noon, 12 noon-6:00PM. You can Bypass the 2023 Lottery if you help on Sunday in Wrightwood.  Contact

Status of 2022 AC100. 

Our Trail Maintenance Program is back on schedule with four more scheduled Trail Work days left.  We initially had a very low Trail Work Day response.  Then Gary initiated a new program and we got such an outstanding response, that we filled all four remaining Trail Work Days in less then 24 hours!  We are now in a better position to get the trails ready for this years race. We had a lot of damage to the trails after the 2021 Bobcat Fire and lack of use of the trails because the burn area that our trails are on was closed. Check AC100 website for details of the Trail Maintenance Program.

We are scheduled to begin our Training Program on June 11 and 12.  Highway 2 is slated to be open on Memorial Day Weekend.  Check AC100 website for details on this years Training Run.

For this years race, you can pickup a Pacer at Chilao 1, Chilao 2 and Islip Saddle 2. Go to Cutoff Times on the left side of Website under 2022 Race Information for: list of new aid stations for this years Out n Back Course, cutoff times, crew access, pacer access and drop bag information.

We have Checkpoimt Leaders for all Aid Sations and will begin assigning volunteers to staff each Aid Station from our Volunteer Pool.  If you have friends that would like to help and be involved in this years race, please have them go to the AC100 website and click on the Volunteer Button and fill out a brief questionaire.  This year, because it is an Out n Back race, we have some unique challenges of staffing the Aid Stations from Shortcut to Wrightwood.

We have separate Medical Volunteer Button for medical volunteers such as EMTs, RNs and MDs.  We will provide a special Limited Liability Medical Insurance to cover medical professionals.  We are also looking for a local Medical Professional to lead the 2022 AC100 Medical Team this year.  We will provide medical volunteers and supplies for the AC100 Medical Team.


Out and Back Run from Wrightwood to Shortcut and back to Wrightwood. 

The 2022 AC100 is on schedule for August 6/7, 2022. 

However due to: 

(1) extensive damage to trails between Chantry Flats, Newcomb Saddle, Redbox and Shortcut Saddle from the Bobcat Fire and a very heavy December rainstorms that flooded the canyons below Chantry Flats and 

(2) “major damage” and subsequent repair to the paved road 3/4 miles from Chantry which will not be repaired till the end of 2022; 

The USFS will not allow us to put on the race through the Chantry Flats/Mt Wilson area. 

As a result of closure, we have decided to put on an Out and Back Race this year which will avoid the Chantry Flats/Mt Wilson area. The race will begin in Wrightwood, turn around at Shortcut Saddle (50.7 miles) and finish in Wrightwood (101.4 miles). 

Due to the difficulty of the return leg to WW, we have added 1.5 hours between Shortcut and Islip Saddle and 1.5 hours between Islip Saddle and the Finish at Wrightwood for a total of 3 hours from Shortcut Saddle to the Finish in Wrightwood. The finish time has been increased from 33 hours to 36 hours. 

A spreadsheet with cutoff for each Checkpoint, pacer info, drop bag info and crew access will be on the website after this weekend. 

The award structure is as follows: 

  • Bronze Ram Award is for the first overall male and female winners. 
  • Bronze Cougar Award is for the first solo male and female winners. 
  • Solid Sterling Silver Buckle is for a crewed sub 24 hour finisher. 
  • Solid Sterling Silver Solo Buckle is for a solo sub 24 hour finisher. 
  • Solid Bronze Ram Buckle is for a crewed sub 33 hour finisher. 
  • Solid Bronze Ram Solo Buckle is for a solo sub 33 hour finisher. 
  • Solid Bronze Second Sunrise Buckle is for a crewed or solo sub 25 hour finisher. 
  • The Engraved Finisher Plaque is for all sub 36 hour finisher. 

Coros watches is a major sponsor of this years race. They have agreed to provide 5 high end watches for this years race. Two for the overall winners, two for the solo winners and one for the spaghetti dinner/raffle held on Friday. I don’t have them (in my hand) so I can’t guarantee they will be available as a prize. When I have them, I will let everyone know. 

The Bobcat Burn area will be open to the public on April 2022. When it is open, we will begin our Trail Maintenance Program and begin repairing the trails in the Chantry Flats/Mt Wilson area so we can return to the original course and finish at Altadena. 

Pandemic should not be an issue in August. California has downgraded the pandemic to endemic today (2-18-22).

Reminder: the 50% refund expires on March 1, 2022.



AC100 Lottery and Sterling Silver Ticket Races 1) All lottery entrants will need to have run an official (i.e. timed race with published results) 50+ mile race in order to register for the lottery. 2) There will be 220 spots for the Lottery. The roughly 30 remaining spots are reserved fo... read it all


VOLUNTEERS If you are involved in mountain trail endurance running, you know it takes a small army of volunteers to put on a 100 mile endurance run.  This years race is Out n Back, from WW to SC (50.7 miles) and back to WW (101.4 miles).  Go to 2022 Race ... read it all


2022 Angeles Crest 100 & Angeles National Forest Trail Race Trailwork Schedule   Gary Hilliard will lead the Trailwork  >   Schedule and get a confirmation from Gary Hilliard.  Email details will be sent p... read it all

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2011 AC100: Runners on Mt Baden Powell at 9300 ft elevation

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