The Angeles Crest 100 Trail Volunteers have joined in efforts to restore and renew trails in the Angeles National Forest. Without the efforts of these volunteers and hundreds others like them, the trails that make this race would cease to exist.

Perform trail maintenance: All runners must complete 8 hours of trail maintenance by July 15th.

All trail maintenance work Schedules will be posted on this website, normally by the end of March.
We also have to deal with the aftermath of this year’s winter rain on our trails and access roads to perform the trail maintenance work.

If you live in Southern California (South of Fresno), then you will be required to perform your Trail Work in the Angeles National Forest with Gary. However, if you live in Northern California or any other state or country, then perform your Trail Work in the area that you live and run. Trail Maintenance must be performed, submitted and approved before race weekend.

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Do you live in California, south of Fresno?
Note: Runners that live in California, south of Fresno must perform trail work in the Angeles National Forest with Gary Hillard Co-Race Director.
Note: Runners that live north of Fresno or OUTSIDE of California, can perform trail work with your local organization.

Runners Trail Work Supervisor

AC100 Race Directors Ken Hamada and Gary Hillilard. Photo Ivan Buzik