If you want to help on next years race, we need help at  wilderness aid stations and with trail maintenance. 

Yes. All Checkpoint Leaders, will be able to nominate one runner who will be allowed in the race, bypassing the Lottery. For example, if 4 runners volunteer at an aid station, only one will be selected.

The nominated runner bypasses the Lottery and is accepted into the AC100 for volunteering, they still have to pay the Entry Fee race and perform 8 hours of Trail Maintenance. There are 18 reserved spots available for runners that want to volunteer at an aid station.

Click on the “Volunteer” at the top of the page or click here.


You can improve your lottery by centering the race as a Solo Runner. A solo runner gets two lottery tickets instead of one.


Go to UltraSignUp.com and enter the Lottery. You must have your Official 50 Mile Qualification Run completed prior to entering the Lottery or you will not be able to enter the Lottery. If you are one of the 220 runners selected to run the race, your payment method will be charged the entry fee.

You must perform 8 hours of Trail Maintenance prior to July 15, 2023 and fill out the Trail Maintenance Form.  If you performed trail work AC100 you don’t need to fill out the form. Your hours will be updated on the Entry Page.

Finish any Official 50 Mile Race.  An Official 50 Mile Race is a race that has published results in a magazine like UltraRunning or online like UltraSignUp. You must run a 50 miler within 12 months of the AC100 Lottery on Dec 5th 2022.

If you live South of Fresno CA, you must perform it in the Angeles National Forest. If you live North of Fresno or in another State or Country, perform it where you live, train and race. Then submit your trial work here.

No, you can complete the requirements at any time, one year prior to the start of the race. But it must be performed by 2 weeks before race weekend.

Yes, we will have TM days scheduled online starting in April thru July prior to the race. Trail Work schedule will be emailed to Race Entrants. if you haven’t received any check your spam folder. You can find the Trail Work  schedule on our home page, Trail work Page, or Facebook Group.

Applications are not transferable. You cannot transfer your application to another person. You cannot transfer your application to the next year. It is only valid on the year you enter the race. An exception is if the race is canceled or a special circumstance.

We keep track of multiple finishes by your name. Multiple finishes are posted in Results  and 4 or more Finishes. If you are planning to run the race multiple times, you must use the same name each time. If you notice an error please contact us.


Yes, trekking poles are allowed during the race. 

Any runner, who is getting an IV during the race, is automatically dropped from the race. That runner will not allowed to move on and will be listed as DNF.

There should no dogs or other pets at the aid station.


We do not provide any service to bus runners back to WW. It is the runners responsibility to get back to WW. Typically what happens is the runner will: 1) get a ride with a person who lives in WW and is returning to WW or 2) ride with a runner who has his car parked at the Finish and is driving back to WW.

What most of the runners do is find another runner that has the same issue. Join forces, drive 2 cars to the Finish Area, leave 1 car at the Finish Line, drive back WW together and park 1 car at WW. Runners also use services like Uber or Lyft.

There is no official carpool list on the website. However, runners can coordinate a carpool via our Facebook Group

You can also contact Race Director Ken Hamada requesting info on other runners that need to get a ride back to Wrightwood.

The Race Director keeps a list of runners that have the same issue and emails everyone that is on the list. s


There are 217 100-mile races as of November 2022.

There are only 6 point-point 100-mile races as of November  2022.

Runners want a race that’s both challenging and fair. AC 100 is a classic point-to-point endurance that is very desirable to runners.

Classic point to point endurance run are events from another era. As we get more wilderness areas designated in the National Forest System, there isn’t enough space to put on this type of race anymore. And they are a lot more work to put on, versus a loop type race.


Yes, under Race Information, click: “Race Photos”. The link will take you to Smug Mug.

Ivan Buzik is the Official Race Photographer. If you are not sure, ask him if he is the Official Race Photographer.

We have a Special Use Permit to put on the race, however the general public can use the forest in conjunction with the race and can pictures of runners and sell them if they want.

Yes, we will have a photographer taking pictures as the Runner crosses the Finish Line with the Finish Banner in the background.


Yes, we have both Men and Women’s Style Hanes Finisher shirts.

Yes, a small assortment of women’s style products will be available at the finish line.


All Finishers: Finisher t-shirt, Solid Bronze Ram Buckle and a plaque with the following information that is engraved on the plaque as you cross the Finish Line: name, finish time and date of the race. If you finish under 24 hours, you will get a Solid Sterling Silver Buckle. If you run the race Solo under 24 hours, it will say 24 Hours Solo. If you finish under 25 hours (including Solo) , you will get a Solid Second Sunrise Buckle. If you finish the race in 33 hours, you will get a Solid Bronze 33 Hour Buckle. If you run the race Solo under 33 hours, it will say 33 Hours Solo. Solo finisher will get a finisher t-shirt that says Solo Finisher.

First overall male and female runner receive a Solid Bronze Ram Award mounted on a solid walnut base. First overall male and female Solo runner receive a Solid Bronze Cougar Award mounted on a solid walnut base.

Solid Sterling Silver Buckle plated with14K.

We provide distinctive Bronze Awards mounted on a solid walnut base for both type of endurances: 1) winners and 2) multiple finishers. For 10 straight finishes: Solid Bronze Eagle Award. For 10 finishes: Solid Bronze Elk Award.

We provide awards for completing “four” (4 100 Miler’s in Western United States) and “six” (Last Great Race on Earth) 100 mile endurance run through out the country.

Finisher Buckles are solid bronze. Sub-24 Hour Buckles are made of Solid Sterling Silver. Course Record Buckles are made of Solid Sterling Silver and plated with 14K Gold. Winner and Multiple Finish Awards are made of Solid Bronze mounted on solid Walnut Bases.

Solid Bronze, Sterling Silver and Gold last forever and have nice “patina” to the finish as it ages. Those are the metal of choice for the Olympics. Sterling Silver and Gold are precious metal.

The Ring will be used as a Special Award. For example, Garry Curry’s 26 Finishes and possibly Jussi’s 30 Finishes.

The Ring is made out of Solid Sterling Silver and plated with 18K White Gold. Cubic Zirconia (synthetic diamond) and blue synthetic gemstone are used on the Top of the Ring. The runners name, position, accomplishment (finishing time or miles for multiple finishes) are “cast” into the Ring. The Ring was modeled after the Super Bowl Rings.