0 - 9.3 Miles

Section Distance

2019 AC100 Inspiration Point Aid Station Volunteers. Aid Station Leader- Cameron Kim. Photo- Mayra L. Garcia
2019 AC100 Inspiration Point Aid Station Volunteers. Aid Station Leader: Cameron Kim. Photo: Mayra L. Garcia


The race begins at 5,945’ at the Wrightwood Community Center Parking lot. Runners gaze South at Wright Mountain (the landslide) and turn their focus West along the 8,400-foot Blue Ridge, which they’ll soon climb and traverse to Inspiration Point. From the start, runners turn right on Park Dr. and head uphill two blocks, turn right onto Apple Ave. for 0.3 miles, and then turn left onto Acorn Dr., following the road uphill past the private road signs* until it the pavement ends 1.4 miles from the start.  The paved road transitions to a dirt fire road climbing for 0.2 miles to a signpost denoting the Acorn Trail where runners turn left onto single track climb. Finally, 3.4 miles and 2,200’ of climbing from the start, runners turn right on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Runners roll and climb past Guffy Campground** until reaching the high point for the section of 8,480 feet at 5.7 miles. Winding through a forest of Ponderosa, Jeffery Pine, and Spruce, runners are treated to a golden sunrise with views of the Los Angeles Basin and the Mojave Desert. The peaks visible from Blue Ridge are Pine Mountain and Mt. San Antonio to the South, the antenna-clad Mt. Wilson (mile 79 of the course) to the far West,  and Mt. Baden Powell to the Northwest (mile 17). Continuing West past Mountain High Ski Resort and Blue Ridge Campground**, runners roll downhill to Highway 2 and cross the road to the Inspiration Point Aid Station at Mile 9.3, elevation 7,400’.

*When training on the course, do not park anywhere past the private road signs-an upset homeowner could have your car towed for $800+.

** Excellent high-altitude campgrounds that make great training bases for those looking to acclimatize before the race at 8,000+ feet. USFS pit toilets are available at both campgrounds.

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