Our Sponsors


COROS is a high end GPS Watch made especially for trail running.In 2022, COROS provided AC100 with five COROS Vertix 2 watches ($699 value) for four winners (2 M/F Overall Winners and 2 M/F Solo Winners) and one for spaghetti dinner raffle.For 2023, COROS will provide five COROS watches or gift certificates.


Hammer is an energy, endurance and recovery nutritional product.In 2022, they provided the electrolyte used at aid stations for the race. Hammer also provided gel and other samples for all of the runners in the race.

SoCal Ultrarunning Grand Prix

Souther California Ultrarunning Grand Prix coordinates ultrarunning events in Southern California. They help support the race at the Start and at the Finish Line.

Mountain Hardware

Mountain Hardware is a hardware store in Wrightwood. They have trail running shoes an complete outdoor recreational supplies. They also have a complete collection of AC100 Awards that are on display at there store. They provide the Wrightwood Community Center building during race weekend for the race.

Run Republic

Run Republic is a running store in Walnut, California. They provide running shoe gift certificates to the race winners at the spaghetti dinner raffle.


T8 makes ultra light super cool chafe-free running clothes. The provide gift certificate for race winners and the spaghetti dinner raffle.


Hit! is a balm that provide relief and recovery through healing powers of plants. They provide samples for all of the runners in the race.

SNB (Squirrel Nut Butter)

SNB (Squirrel Nut Butter) is a all natural anti chaff salve. They provide samples for all runners in the race.

UltraRunning Magazine

UltraRunning Magazine is the premier magazine that covers the ultrarunning sport. They provide samples of their magazine for all runners in the race.

Mountain High

Mountain High is a ski resort in Wrightwood. The help move the Drop Bags from Wrightwood to the distribution center in Los Angeles.

Sparklett Bottled Water

Sparkletts provides over 600 gallons of bottled water at a reduced rate. We use only bottled water at each aid station in the race.


Foothill Flyers

Foothill Flyers is a running club based in Arcadia. They sponsor the Chantry Flats Checkpoint.

Arrogant Bastard Trail Running Club

Arrogant Bastard Trail Running Club is based in San Gabriel Valley. They sponsor Cloudburst Checkpoint.