2023 AC100



Updated: May 10, 2023. this is an outdated chart that will be updated soon.

Aid StationMileageFirst RunnerCut OffCrew AccessPacer AccessDrop BagsPace to Next Aid Station mm:ssMiles To Next Aid StationTime To Next Aid Station hh:mm (min)
Wrightwood05:00am Sat5:00am SatYESNO—-20:589.33:15 (195)
Inspiration Point9.36:30am Sat8:15am SatYESNO—-14:274.51:05 (65)
Vincent Gap13.87:10am Sat9:20am SatYESNOYES19:0411.83:45 (225)
Islip Saddle25.69:20am Sat1:05pm SatYESNOYES20:0072:20 (140)
Cloudburst Summit32.610:25am Sat3:25pm SatYESNONO15:384.81:15 (75)
Three Points37.411:05am Sat4:40pm SatYESNONO18:113.31:05 (65)
Mt. Hillyer40.711:35am Sat5:45pm SatNONONO17:343.71:05 (65)
Chilao44.412:10pm Sat6:50pm SatYESYESYES20:386.32:10 (130)
Shortcut Saddle50.71:15pm Sat9:00pm SatYESNONO21:263.51:15 (75)
(Westfork 1)**54.22:05pm Sat10:15pm Sat—-—-—-20:455.31:50 (110)
Redbox*59.53:15pm Sat12:05am SunYESYESYES16:225.51:30 (90)
(Westfork 2)**65.04:00pm Sat1:35am Sun—-—-—-20:005.01:40 (100)
Newcomb East70.05:00pm Sat3:15am SunNONOYES20:395.01:35 (95)
(Westfork 3)**75.05:45pm Sat4:50am Sun—-—-—-27:164.42:00 (120)
Mt. Wilson79.47:00pm Sat6:50am SunNONOYES16:404.81:20 (80)
Idlehour84.27:40pm Sat8:10pm SunNONOYES25:565.42:20 (140)
Sam Merrill89.68:50pm Sat10:30am SunNONOYES21:136.22:20 (140)
Millard95.89:50pm Sat12:50pm SunNONOYES16:174.31:10 (70)
Loma Alta Park100.110:30pm Sat2:00pm SunYESNOYES

**This is a guide based on leaving an aid station at its cut off and reaching the next at its cut off.  Average pace for this 33 hour 100.1 mile race is 19 min., 47 sec. (19:47) per mile.  Individual aid station cut off times have been adjusted for altitude gains, losses, night and last runners who finished previous races. ** Westfork is not an aid station. You will pass thru Westfork 3 times. This is For Reference Only.

*In 2019(orginal course) there was a pacer access at Chilao(mi 44.8) and Chantry Flats(mi 75.4).

In 2023 we’re bypassing Chantry. In 2023 there is pacer access at Chilao(mi 44.4) and Redbox(mi 59.5). Pacers will have to run that last 40 miles.