AC100 April 2024 Status Report

2019 AC100. Photo: Run Vertical Productions.

INTRODUCTION   The basic plan for 2024 AC100 is to finish in Altadena via  Kenyon/Devore Trail to the top of Mt Wilson, bypassing Chantry.  The race will pass through Shortcut (SC) and go on the Edison  Road to Newcomb Saddle East but after Newcomb Saddle East,  it will go on the Rincon-Redbox Road through West […]

Status of 2024 AC100

INTRODUCTION   The 2024 AC100 course will be the same as the 2023 AC100 Course.  Chantry Flats area remains closed due to ongoing major repairs to the Upper Winter Creek Trails and lower Santa Anita Canyon Trails.  The problem is the Bobcat Fire severely damaged the vegetation that retained the canyon drainage after a heavy […]

Status of the 2023 AC100

Date: June 5, 2023 Hwy 2 has been closed from Mt Wilson RedBox Road to Grassy Hollow Campground (Grassy Hollow Campground is between Inspiration Point and Vincent Gap) after this year’s big winter storm that dropped record snowfall in the ANF, which closed 40 miles of Hwy 2 from Shortcut to Vincent Gap, that we […]

AC100 for First Timer

By Bob Adjemian It happened in a moment of insanity while I was relaxing after my second run of the Angeles Crest 100. I thought to myself, “that was fun. I’ll do it again next year.” Next year became next week as the race approached. My pre-race jitters demanded to know why I was doing […]

Nutrition for the Endurance Runner

Nutrition is crucial for all athletes, but for endurance events and training, timing is important too. For competitions and training, getting nutrients into your body at the right times can make a huge difference in your performance. Basic Nutrition Rules No athlete can afford to ignore nutrition: the simple fact is, your body needs fuel […]