Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Rules

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Is there any rules for parking vehicles at and near aid stations during the race?
Yes. You must have a Vehicle ID to: park in the aid station parking lot and on shoulder of Hwy 2 near the aid stations. If you do not follow the rules your runner could be held up for one hour on the first infraction and disqualified on the second infraction.

Is there any restriction for parking on Hwy 2?
Yes. You cannot park over the "white fog line". When you park over the "white fog line" you are illegally parking on the street and will be ticketed by the CHP. That is why, they want the Driver Name and License Number on the Car Pass.

Is there any unique Pacer parking rules at any aid station?
Yes. Pacer cannot park their vehicle at Chilao or Chantry Flats. If they do their runner will automatically be disqualified.

Is there any parking restrictions in Wrightwood?
Yes, since we will 100 more cars then last year, we asking all runners follow Parking Instructions that will be posted on the website. Do not park in area marked No Parking in RED. There will be a "farmers market" Friday starting at TBD in the large parking lot near the Start Banner and the Community Center. Do not park in front of store front area marked in RED. WW C of C supports the race, so we don't take their customer parking spaces from them.

Is there any parking restrictions at the Finish Line at Loma Alta Park?
Yes, since all the vehicle will be parked at Loma Alta Park area, we are expecting over 300 cars parked in the area. We will have parking instruction maps on where are the best areas to park without congesting the area. Do not park in area marked No Parking in RED.

What aid stations has the most severe parking problem?
Probably Islip Saddle, Eagles Roost, Cloudburst, Shortcut Saddle and Chantry Flats

Are you going to make parking maps?
Yes, their will be a "notional parking map" of all aid station parking lots including "shoulder parking along Hwy 2" for all aid station, WW and Loma Alta Park on the website. RED means: No Parking. GREEN means: generally parking is OK but comply with any posted Parking Signs.

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