Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions


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Where do you need help on the race?
I need help in 5 areas:
  1. Volunteers that can lead or help at a wilderness aid station team in the Angeles National Forest,
  2. Volunteers, that know the trails, can help Ken Hamada to mark the trail before the race and/or de-mark it after the race. If you de-mark or sweep the trail of ribbons, having a HAM radio license would really help communicate any information regarding the last runner and if he needs medical assisstance.
  3. Volunteers that can help Bill Kee setup the Finish Line facility on Friday; help Bill with the kitchen, cooking and serving food to both the runners and volunteers on Saturday and Sunday and help Bill with the breakdown and cleanup of the Finish Line facility on Sunday, at the conclusion of the race,
  4. Medical Volunteers (First Aid, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, etc) can join the AC100 Medical Team and provide medical support for the race
  5. Volunteers can help Gary Hilliard with his Trail Maintenance Program

If we are planning on running the next year's AC100 and we help at a wilderness aid station or help Bill Kee, Gary Hilliard or Ken Hamada during the this year's AC100, will that get us in the next year's AC100?
Yes. All Checkpoint Leaders, Bill Kee at the Finish Line, Medical Coordinator, Gary Hilliard during Trail Maintenance and Ken Hamada with trail marking and de-marking will be able to nominate one runner who will be allowed in the race, bypassing the Lottery. If 4 runners volunteer at an aid station, only one will be selected.

The nominated runner bypasses the Lottery and is accepted into the AC100 for volunteering, they still have to pay the Entry Fee to enter the race and qualify with a 50 mile run and perform 8 hours of Trail Maintenance to Start the race. Potentially, their are 18 reserved spots available for runners that want to volunteer at an aid station or help the leads.

How do I volunteer for AC100?
Click on the "Volunteer for AC100" icon on the website and follow the directions.

I am running this year's AC100. One of my friend is available to help at a Aid Station. If they help in this year's race
Yes, have your friends enroll in the Volunteer Program by clicking on Volunteer Button on the website. At the bottom of the Volunteer Form their is a box for preference on place and time to volunteer. Write a brief statement that you are Volunteering on "behalf of a runner TBD" for the race. However,if several people volunteer "on behalf" a runner, the Leader at the aid station where they are helping, can only "nominate" one person to bypass the Lottery.

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