Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions


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What type of awards do runners who complete the race get?
Finisher: Finisher t-shirt, Solid Bronze Ram Buckle, and a plaque with the following information that is engraved on the plaque as you cross the Finish Line: name, finish time and date of the race. If you finish under 24:00, you will get a Solid Sterling Silver Buckle. If you run the race Solo under 24:00, it will say 24 Hours Solo. If you finish under 25:00 (including Solo) , you will get a Solid Second Sunrise Buckle. If you finish the race in 33:00, you will get a Solid Bronze 33 Hour Buckle. If you run the race Solo under 33:00, it will say 33 Hours Solo.

What type of award does the winner get?
A Solid Bronze Ram Award.

What type of award do you get for setting the course record?
Solid Sterling Silver/14K Gold Buckle.

Do you provide awards for multiple finishes?
We provide distinctive Bronze Awards for both type of endurances: 1) winners and 2) multiple finishers. For 10 straight finishes: Solid Bronze Eagle Award. For 10 finishes: Solid Bronze Elk Award.

Do you provide awards for completing different 100 mile races through out the country?
We provide awards for completing four (4 100 Miler's in Western United States)and six (Last Great Race on Earth) 100 mile endurance run through out the country.

What are your awards made of?
Finisher Buckles are solid bronze. Sub-24 Hour Buckles are made of Solid Sterling Silver. Course Record Buckles are made of Solid Sterling Silver/14K Gold. Winner and Multiple Finish Awards are made of Solid Bronze/Walnut.

Why do you use bronze, Sterling Silver and Gold?
Bronze, Sterling Silver and Gold last forever. Those are the metal of choice for the Olympic Medals. Sterling Silver and Gold are precious metal.

What is purpose of The Ring?
Initially, they were for sale in 2014 but it is no longer available. The Ring will be used as a Special Award. For example, Garry Curry's 26 Finishes. And possibly Jussi's 30 Finishes.

What is The Ring made out of?
The Ring is made out of Solid Sterling Silver and plated with 18K White Gold. Cubic Zirconia (synthetic diamond) and blue synthetic gemstone are used on the Top of the Ring. The runners name, position, accomplishment (finishing time or miles for multiple finishes) are "cast" into the Ring. The Ring was modeled after the Super Bowl Rings.