Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

How the Awards Work...

This chart is designed to show the point of the AC100 awards structure. First, discard traditional assumptions about age groups. The point of the AC100 award structure is to encourage competition by continually levelling the playing field.

  1. All runners (18-75) can run in the Ram Race.
  2. The runner must be at least 30 to enter the Cougar Race.
  3. A 51 year old runner can run all of the races.
  4. If a fast 51 year-old runner beat all of the 40 year-old runners, he wins the Rhino Award. He also vacates the Buck Race, giving other runners an opportunity. Jussi Hamaleinen did this in 1997.
  5. Now, compare the previous to common practice. If the awards were the traditional age-group awards, Jussi would have been stuck in the 50-75 year old age group, unless he was the overall winner. Only the overall winner in a traditional age group is allowed to race out of their traditional age group. At AC100, everyone is encouraged to race out of their age group.
  6. In the AC100 structure, if a fast senior runner beats the younger runner, then he takes their awards.
  7. At AC100, we reward performance by continually leveling the playing field.
  8. If you are are 50 and fast, you will do well here.
Hal Winton

AC100 co-RD of 29 years, Hal Winton, passed away May 24, 2017 at the Torrance Memorial Medical Center. His family was at his side. He'll be deeply missed.

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2011 AC100: Runners on Mt Baden Powell at 9300 ft elevation

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