Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Rules

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How many cars can a runner have on the course including at the Start in WW and the Finish in Loma Alta?
One Car.

Do we have to identify the vehicles?
Yes, we will provide each runner with a Car Pass in Wrightwood when he sign in in WW. The Car Pass will hang on his front car mirror. It will have the following info: Runner Name & Bib Number, Drivers Name & Vehicle License Plate Number.

Is there a penalty if we violate the vehicle rules?
Yes, we will hold the runner where the infraction occurs for one hour and disqualify the runner on the second infraction.

Why are you having so many new vehicle and parking rules?
More runners want to run the race. We are trying to accommodate that request. The limiting factor on how many runners we allow into the race is the vehicles parked on the course. If we can limit the number of vehicles we allow on the course, we may allow more runner on the course. We need your help, if you want to open the race for more runners.

If we park over the white fog line, will we get a ticket?
Yes and they asked to place the Drivers Name & Vehicle License Plate Number on the Car Pass so they don't have to look for the runner and they will write the ticket on the spot.

What caused all this parking issues?
In the 2014 race, half a dozen cars were parked over the "white fog line" and CHP was ready to give the vehicles parking tickets. Luckily, we found the owners and they moved their cars. In 2015, they want to give the ticket, right away. They do not want to wait, while we look for the driver. I don't want any of participants get a ticket which can be very expensive. So we are trying to minimize the problem ahead of time, by using Car Passes and strict vehicle parking rules.

Is parked vehicles going to be a big problem in 2015?
Yes, we are going to have 100 more cars on the course in 2015.

Will the race survive the excessive vehicle problem?
Yes, If every body follows the rules, we will be fine.

If everybody follows the rules and we get more Solo Runners, will you open up the race to more runners?
Yes, reducing the number of vehicles on the course and the Solo Runner is the key.

Is the race open to spectators?
We are not encouraging spectators because each spectator brings more vehicles on the course.

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