Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I improve my odds in the Lottery?
You can improve your chances in two ways: (1) enter the race as a Solo Runner and/or (2) help the AC100 as a Volunteer (For details refer to the FAQ: Volunteer).

What are the requirements to Enter the race?
Go to and enter the Lottery. You must have your Official 50 Mile Qualification Run completed prior to entering the Lottery or you will not be able to enter the Lottery. If you are one of the 220 runners selected to run the race, your CC will be charged the Entry Fee.

What are the requirements to Start the race?
You must perform 8 hours of Trail Maintenance (TM) prior to July 22, 2022 and enter the TM data into the AC100 Database. You will need an ID (your email address) and a password to enter the AC100 Database.

What are the requirements on the 50 mile run?
Finish any Official 50 Mile Race.

What are the requirements of the 8 hours of Trail Maintenance (TM)?
If you live South of Fresno CA, you must perform it in the Angeles National Forest. If you live North of Fresno or in another State or Country, perform it where you live, train and race.

Do I have to complete the Trail Maintenance requirements before I Enter the Race?
No, you can complete the requirements at any time, one year prior to the start of the race. But it must be performed by 2 weeks before race weekend.

Will you have scheduled TM day prior to race day?
Yes, we will have TM days scheduled on-line starting in April thru July prior to the race.

Can I transfer my application to another runner or to another year?
Applications are not transferable. You cannot transfer your application to another person. You cannot transfer your application to the next year. It is only valid on the year you enter the race.

How do you keep track of multiple finishes?
We keep track of multiple finishes by your name. Multiple finishes are posted on the website under in the General Information on the left hand side of the website in two areas: 1) 1986 - 2015 Finishes and 2) 4 or more Finishes. If you are planning to run the race multiple times, you must use the same name each time. If you enter one year as Mike and the following year as Michael, we cannot give you credit for multiple finishes.

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