Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

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How do i get back to Wrightwood (WW) if I leave my car in WW and run the race?
We do not provide any service to bus runners back to WW. It is the runners responsibility to get back to WW. Typically what happens is the runner will: 1) get a ride with a person who lives in WW and is returning to WW or 2) ride with a runner who has his car parked at the Finish and is driving back to WW.

What is the best way to get back to WW after the race?
What most of the runners do is to find another runner that has the same issue. Join forces, drive 2 cars to the Finish Area, leave 1 car at the Finish Line, drive back WW together and park 1 car at WW.

Is their a list.
Not now, but we are planning to put something like that on the website, so runners with the same issue will be able to talk to each other and make some sort of arrangement to get back to WW. For now, send an email to requesting info on other runners that need to get a ride back to WW. I will keep a list of runners that have the same issue and email everyone that is on the list, so you guys can contact each other and find someone you can share a ride with.

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