Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions


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How will the On-Line Registration Process work for entering the 2017 AC100?
For the 2016 AC100 Registration Process, it was "first come / first serve". The race filled in less than 2 minutes! Their was such a rush to get in that the Servers crashed several times during the 2 minute rush to get in. In order to eliminate that problem, we are going to allow 24 hours for runners to enter a lottery pool, beginning on Monday following the conclusion of the 2015 race on Sunday. We will get the field of runners via a lottery from the pool of runners that have entered the race. Solo Runner will have preference in the lottery. Runners who volunteer to help the race may able to bypass lottery and get a reserved spot. For more information on this opportunity, look at Volunteer in FAQ

How can I improve my odds in 2017 lottery?
You can improve your chances in two ways: (1) enter the race as a Solo Runner and/or (2) help the AC100 as a Volunteer (For details refer to the Volunteer FAQ in Application).

How do I enter the race?
You enter on-line using the AC100 website. Click on the "Enter AC100 Lottery " button in the left and follow the prompts.

What are the requirements to Enter the race?
Enter on-line by following the prompts and pay entry fee with credit card.

What are the requirements to Start the race?
You must complete: (1) at least a 50 mile run and (2) perform 8 hours of Trail Maintenance (TM).

What are the requirements on the 50 mile run?
Any Official Finish of at least a 50 mile race run between August 2017 and August 2018.

What are the requirements of the 8 hours of Trail Maintenance (TM)?
If you live South of Fresno CA, you must perform it in the Angeles National Forest. If you live North of Fresno or in another State or Country, perform it where you live, train and race.

Do I have to complete the requirements before I Enter the Race?
No, you can complete the requirements at any time one year prior to the start of the race.

When is the application available on-line?
The on-line application is available on Monday at noon, following the conclusion of the race on Sunday.

Will you have scheduled TM day prior to race day?
Yes, we will have TM days scheduled on-line starting in April thru July prior to the race.

When will the TM Schedule be available?
Early April. We will send you an email when we post it on the website.

Can I transfer my application to another runner or to another year?
Applications are not transferable. You cannot transfer your application to another person. You cannot transfer your application to the next year. It is only valid on the year you enter the race.

How do you keep track of multiple finishes?
We keep track of multiple finishes by your name. Multiple finishes are posted on the website under in the General Information on the left hand side of the website in two areas: 1) 1986 - 2015 Finishes and 2) 4 or more Finishes. If you are planning to run the race multiple times, you must use the same name each time. If you enter one year as Mike and the following year as Michael, we cannot give you credit for multiple finishes.

Do you have a refund?
We do not have a refund.

Do you have a wait list?
We do not have a wait list>